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.Surgeon-Major D. Ffrench Mullen, M.D., Bengal Establishment,
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and the proprietress refused to allow the clothing to be takpn away for
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by the establishment of a Chair of History, and inexpedient because such
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population of about 4u,ouo, there is no drainage, aud the filth collected by
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1st ; Charles S. Woodwright, Surgeon, to the Hood^ May 25th.
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Many leading men of all branches of the profession havin;^ expressed
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upon to serve, and who keep up uniforms to meet that contingency.
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V. Wise, L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., Trowbridge; W. A. Hayes,
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points ; in the upper waters of the Xen and Bedford Ouse, for
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stable he advocated small doses of arsenic and mercury and
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in politics, in finance, in the art of war, and in that of describ-.
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at the instigation of one William Charlwood, and wilfully I
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Branches will be held at the Infirmary, Peterborough, under the presi-
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according to M. Broca, most cases operated upon under that
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siccle avaut notre 6re et contenu dans uu papyrus hieratique du Musce
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question, which has a death-rate of 31, has a population of
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merits, and, as Sir Joseph Fayrer kindly, faithfully, and
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leprosy by means of the offspring. Ei:,'hteen carefully pre-
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M.B.Cantab., M.K.C P.. of Norwich, third son of the late E. F. Burton,
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ment Board would be obliged to accept, would yet in practice be con-