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nald Hyde, Ralph H. Pomeroy, Warren S. Shattuck, Jr., John R. Stivers,
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death followed in twenty-four hours, with the urine very red and excrement black
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It IB often a point of infinite difficulty with the conscientious physician,
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m.] Jones — Vis Medicatrix Natitrx and ArUisiasis. 197
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danger ; also a removal of the loved one from the family circle
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tum, the result of pressure ulceration from a stone in the bladder.
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the absence or presence of parasites, and the changes in the character
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44. Nieder, A. " Ueber Erythromelalgie und Augenleiden," Arch. f. Augenheilk., xxviii.
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from drinking from such pools or streams. Whenever possible only
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