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Arkansas — Dr. R. R. Dinwiddie, Veterinarian Exx)eriment Station, Fayette>alle.

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Splenitis. Inflammation of the spleen (cttX^v, the spleen).

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Dr. H. J. BoLDT, of Nev; York : I would like Dr. Bulkley to state

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tion was held and operation urged. She went to the hospital about

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that a similar species {E. pdustre) is fatal to horses when fed in

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ters that coronary disease has a preponderating etiological connec-

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previously been noted by Dr. H. D. Schmidt, of New Orleans, as a char-

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I present for your inspection a colored photograph (Fig. 2)

progesic paracetamol side effects

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The grass cut for hay receives, as a rule, a top-dressing of 2 hundred-

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the same time there were 234 cases that he called myopathic

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which has caused all the controversy, and has led to the effort to

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developed, which degenerate into indolent vegetations, resembling,

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The public demands that he should be informed concerning the

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she was thin, I could readily feel it, through the abdominal

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About the third or fouth day were discharged, by slight cough,

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(6) The seller shall be deemed to have accepted such rejection of bulk unless

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will remain under observation, and a report will be published.

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excitement and irritability of the nervous system, and lessen-

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mere question of digestion; the exercise aids digestion and assimila-

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drugs accomplish is to control the circulation and so tend to benefit

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So we see Dr. Megs makes the condition of the calf of the

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purpose. The two digital arteries provide the blood-supply, and

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In general, rupture of the spleen is due to very violent accidents,

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