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French physicians in Egypt in 1834-35 ; but some valuable observations
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3. They disappear with the cessation of fever, persisting, however,
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by loss of blood, as after a dangerous haemorrhage. There is also a
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records of the Quarantine at Marseilles (quoted by Prus), when in several
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sensory nerve endings, or act on certain parts of the central nervous
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Gossenap, near the Brenner Pass ; Innigen, Niederdorf, Toblach, and Neu
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on Operative Surgery. Sept. 97. W. CHANNING, jDm».
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nople ; and in 1843-45 it became extinct also in S3* ria and Egypt, so that
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to hope for. When to this is added the case of a young idiotic female
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future bones. Such chondromata are unknown in connection with
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the progress of the fluid as it passes into the gullet can be accurately
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He would read to them some of the results which had followed these
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the wound), and the surrounding cells tumefied, vacuolated and less
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by Dr. Coupland, 1891. — 32. Geissler, Th. " Zur Frage iiber die Wirkung des Lichts
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necessary before the point can be cleared up. The battery current,
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A. C. Lancet, 1893, vol. i. p. 462.-56. Legry. — La foie dans la fievre typhoid. Paris
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preventing sleep, and causing great pain and difficulty in swallowing.
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tions to the throat tend to exhaust the strength of the patient, and the
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plague in Yunnan was about 1860; but it is believed to have existed
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not uniformly agreeable and exhilarating climates, which require some
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left arm brought round to the back, so that the patient is lying almost
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Anatomy and Physiology, by . - - . Joif athai* Kniomt, M.D.
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IX. Vomiting. — Another serious symptom, and one often associated
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through which the cord passes. The strips which keep the stirrup in
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western part of the south coast, as far as Sidmouth, as moist and spe-
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The properties of the discharges of the induction coil are modified by
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ment, or in diminishing the power of resistance of the individual, we can
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frequently in chlorotic girls, is associated with imperfect development
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have first to decide whether it is really in action, next whether it goes far
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Portah of Entrance into the Human Body of the Tijphoid Bacilli. —