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the oxalate, or acid phosphate. The stone excites pyelitis.. If it

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arranged in the following manner : near its centre are one or more large

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the organ may become involved, and then the peristaltic movements

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ally should be administered in sufficient quantities to produce the physio-

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always endemic. In regard to the protection which one attack of typhus

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goes ammoniacal decomposition, due in part to the altered relation of its

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of the patient, they should be used in the treatment of the disease.

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rapid progress of the disease. It may be complicated by pleurisy, pneu-

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hot flannels; especially should this be done if the shock is brought

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ten grains ol" liismiith, comhinod witli llio IwoU'Lli of a grain of niorpliine,

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Chronic dysentery is, in most instances, the direct soquela of the

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frequent after thirty-five. A sedentary, physically inactive life is a great

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long inspiration increases the pressure on the liver, and thus causes pain.

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on the injured side, if projected, would cross the lower extremity of

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other means employed, calomel may be combined with the digitalis and

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difficult to differentiate between the two conditions. In these cases there

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may he primary or secondary. Primary, when it is the result of exposure

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is shorter, and there is reason to believe that the more virulent the poison

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means of a reef knot or a friction knot. When the ligature is applied,

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continued and the patient will be able to sit up, and, at the end of three

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(b) Anel's method. .Anel's method was to ligate the artery imme-

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attenuation of virus. Upon the basis of this theory, inoculation of the

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Dislocations of the Metatarso-Phalangeal, or the Phalangeal Articu-

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enea pcilioncai SUriaces, JS bOUieiimes f, netted line enlargement vpward.

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geal nerve which lie in close connection with the external carotid.

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known and it is also known that many times these enzymes or ferments

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Microxropically, the (i^eijitinoiis contents in one of the ulveoli are found to

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relation, structural and functional changes are set up. Dr. A. T. Still

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middle line and also extends down in through the definitive callus into

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drugs which cause haematuria, e. g., turpentine, cubebs, copaiba, canthar-

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manent deafness may result ; when orchitis, mammitis, meningitis and

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abnormal mentation in dogs

pyJvphh'bitis and exudative inflammations of the ducts. The former has

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the patient complaining only of the throat symptoms. It may run so mild

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In regard to the nature of yellow fever poison, some assert that it is a

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distended there is more or less pain, which is nearly always located in " the

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that phthisis is developing. The diagnosis between chronic bronchitis

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mi • 1 1 Sphycmofrraphic tracincr in a cnse of Mitral Stenosis. The line

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murmur nuiy he heard at the base and in the lar;.,a' arteries. There may

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opment is, to a great extent, indicated by the frequency of the pulse and

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enchymatous degenerations of the different organs and tissues of the body

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