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the peculiar yellow deposition or degeneration so common in this
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tion. Though a bright yellow stool is generally favorable, it can-
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which he produced degenerative changes in the aorta of rabbits
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ment of this disease, but it is not regarded as particularly efficacious
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they are obscured and disfigured. Of these, however, they should
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An Historical Sketch of the State of American Medicine before the
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lation of cows with the matter of human variola, are declared to be
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upon all the topics which the author has discussed in his lectures: —
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Prof. Graves 7 Clinical Lectures, and in doing so we shall pursue
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From the inscription on iii, 1 v°. this MS. would appear to have belonged to the same
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stated to be an anilide of metarsenious acid, but analyses by
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original infection was due to that organism, it is impossible
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cold, and pulse can scarcely be felt at the wrist; stimulants used
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tightness in the region of the womb. I directed a third dose to
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its surface. The commonest site is at the junction of the
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of dentistry should have for its exclusive object the treatment and cure
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Collation: Four paper fly-leaves (i 4 .), i, i. attached, i, 2. made. Two marbled-paper
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scientifique, il est indubitable que certaines expériences ne peuvent être menées que
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This book-plate was covered by the small and large Hunt. Mus. Lib. book-plates. The map
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slow and progressive process. Other middle ear changes are,
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Alexander Smith, who assigns its date "to the latter part of the reign of Charles II."
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that death was due to toxaemia. At first, Ruppell had the
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amongst medical students, as I believe there can, some ardently
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Gasparis de Malauar Indi | Halae Saxonum | descripsi | G. S. B. [Gottlieb Siegfried Bayer].
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1456. In 14, 7 v°. lines 9-10, he gives his name, etc.: Ego petrus sallate vtriusque iuris