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facts and further investigation are needed in this line of work.
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Treatment. — Bleeding, followed by cupping or leeches behind the
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which has been used several times by M. Aran with success.
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Saprjeraia is caused by the al)sorption of decomposition products
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authority within the hospital, under the direction of the executive
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Moreover, I remarked tliat in both these affections, suicide is so often the
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opened with prayer by the Rev. Frank Richard Morris, of Albany.
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has not received that trial by physicians generally as it deserves. For if
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and the aid of the microscope, I was enabled to record the following as
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of the existing debility, and the more or less advanced age of the
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had been able to do in the other cases. After some months anaemia
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considered incurable cases, and cases in which the diagnosis has
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rate contract, and the failure of any delivery or any delivery not in accordance
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tation and percussioD, and from positive symptoms of diseased
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food and eggs in Utah. The profit in feeding yoimg hens or pullets was six times
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further corroboration, as, for instance, when a man declares that
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was 50J days, and of the vaccinated animals 154.3 days. The latter
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two sets it would appear that the serum had reduced the mortality
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that no pure Jersey has white upon it. This is entirely erroneous;
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in the contract, the goods so rejected shall be accepted by the buyer ; but if it be