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operative procedure recommended in this paper. It must be

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and ultimately in applying the solid nitrate of silver. The effect of this

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Thanks to the progress of pathological investigation, almost

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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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division ; the hydrated sesqui-oxide of iron ; and powdered char-

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than the similar butter made in Brittany, France. A natural conclusion was that

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a table-spoonful of oil of turpentine may be substituted for the first

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from Peru and Bolivia ; the latter state furnishing the greater

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than on the evening before. The lochia were slightly sangui-

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and Taraxacum. — ^Tbe fluid extract of sarsaparilla is not the

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have arisen since the Reformation ; and in many instances, the

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weight, and if the disease is non-malignant his former good health

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and seated ourselves on the porch it seemed as if the entire popu-

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g'ows internally, and passes out of the os, it is early detected,

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The following table shows the exports of microscopically inspected

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at least 1500,000 worth of cattle, and when all stock owners become

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Charles H. Knight, Chairman, Edward D. Fisher, Augustus Caill6,