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am inclined to look upon such a bad air-constitution only as a co-
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for there are various constitutional conditions for which we have
cessful since the use of subcutaneous injection as a therapeutic
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nieuts, however, arc not wanting to show that such a mode of
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mach. — B. and F. Med.-Chir. Rev., July, 1862, from Comple. Rendu, de
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Post-3Iortem Appearances. — These are simply those of
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pearance, it was evident that the child was dying. There was con-
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and are considered as substantially syphilitic affections, may bo
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the eye depending on a strumous diathesis ; while catarrhal inflam-
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The lithium salts alkalize the urine and notably increase its
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vaccination of every person in the United States, Avas referred to the section on
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toxic products. The most essential action of alcohol in
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principle, soluble in alcohol and ether, and slightly in
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wounded at Fair Oaks, on the 18th of June, 1862, by a conical ball
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with considerable fi)rcc. The lateral ventricles were lilled with a simi-
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special instruction, given by gentlemen not holding regular chairs in
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ways. I have already suggested to you, by letter, some of the cases
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and is pretty uniform in all healthy animals. In 100 lbs. of
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Derivation. — Heat a mixture of mercuric sulphate, 20;
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no relief from her sufferings. Accidentally observing a hollow,
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from a quarter of a mile distant ; had found, down in the city, the
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pint of this infusion is given in enema to dogs ; two quarts
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cinal doses do not affect the temperature. The rise of tem-
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speedy delivery. After a more than usually strong pain, the nurse
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versity in 18aG, having spent a year of his student life in Europe with
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the drug. It is more reliable and active than frangula.
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the ring finger, but there is no sensation in the ulnar side of the ring
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tion of brain. 1 ; depres.setl fracture, 1. Neck.: secondary hieninrrhage
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<^ Abbreviated) M. et f. pulv. 1; dispense pulv. tales vi.
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much if at all enlarged. The mucous membrane of the rectum showed
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contributions have been poured in upon the Museum from all parts of
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Post-IIortem Appearances. — The mucous membrane of
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emesis, it is fair to suppose that the agent acts on the
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slijrhtly marked that it would have been overlooked had not iho ex-
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was in a state of collapse, and had the symptoms of impending dis-
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saliva, bile and intestinal juices is therefore increased.
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Bt E. N. Chapmax, M.D., Prof, of Therapeutics, Materia Medica, &c.
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wound disinfection, but to employ normal salt solution for
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carpine, and is similar to atropine. These atropine-like
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derful degree of erudition in everything pertaining to the past and
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