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The authors of this article did not court harsh criticism, but expected
iluminage beauty skin rejuvenating pillowcase with copper oxide
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In accordance with section 7 of the act of Congress approved May 29, 1884,
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* Published also as Circular No. 24 of the Bureau of Animal Industry.
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antitoxin is injected on the fifth day instead of the first ; alcohol
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Enteritis. Inflammation of the bowels (ivrepov, the bowels).
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March 18, 1894, No. 223, weight 14 ozs., received 3 cc. of sernm.
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Again, Dr. Megs terms this disease "Crural Phlebitis,'* and
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(c) Where the rejection of any tender is by consent or by final award held to
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The practical application of this proposition (first by Leopold,
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* the matters in dispute and all expenses of the reference appeal and awards, and
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the arteries of any exposed part — in the nose or on ulcerated surfaces.
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We may mention that in no state of tho Union has there been a more
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Committee on Microscopy : W. D. Garlock, Chairman ; 0. H. Deck,
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cases, and in old persons, a course of tonics, frictions with the iodide of