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ample supply of disinfectants which can be placed at his disposal, can

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cross ambulances of the British and F'oreign Societies. The real diffi-

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some portions of its surface covered with patches of lymph. There

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who work with such hearty good will, that for a moment the idea sug-

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the duties of their office without engaging in private practice." The

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Previous Examination, and also Certificates that he has attended three Courses of

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Election cf Sir ]V. Armstrong as an Honorary Mfmber. — Dr. Be.\t1y

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1859. This year was favourable as regards the number of patients

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and t'ivdi, voce Interrogation ; by Practical Examinations on Obstetric

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part taken by them in medical reform will probably be active and im-

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until two months ago, when one day, while she was attending to a vessel

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mine the mortality in these institutions {Appendix to the Sixth Report of

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times most sensitive to worry and anxiety. Travelling under arrange-

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PiTissia but tlirough the whole North German Confederation and in

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Arthur Edward Wellington Fox, England ; John Eraser, Scotland (First Class

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the discussion of difficulties in microscopical manipulation, communi-

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in the open air near the railway station before the luggage-vans were

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— notably that of the arrangement of hospitals for receiving the

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examination and pass satisfactorily, and am deprived of all privileges if I do

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UNIVERSITY OF LONDON— E.taminer in Chemistry : applications. 15th,

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Medicine would occupy a much higher position, and the medical prac-

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£2(1 5s. House-Physicianships and House-Surgeoncies, £^fl 5s.

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minal muscles in a normal state during parturition. It will readily be

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dition, be practised in pitching and striking hospital-tents with celerity,

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an ophthalmoscope, is learnt early, as a rule, or not at all. Moreover,

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The stenches of Tangier excelled any I ever came across : refuse of all

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raw surface well cauterised. The smaller tumour was next clamped,

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The second class of exaininations need not detain us long, as they

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avoiding an over-purgative effect. If, on this account, the treatment

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consequently it was not simply for the address heard that day that the

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had three children, and was about the seventh month of her fourth

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among his fellow-wounded till seen by his superior officer and ordered to

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North West District: applications, Sept. 14th; election, 22nd.

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change in the muscular structure itself, which has to be repaired by

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of pavilions and towers and colonnades, and of its conspicuous position

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baby-farming. The author commences by reflecting upon the apathy

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the kind in Europe. This will appear to you from these splendid pho-

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nected with a public h-ispital, he obt lined the largest consulting practice in Shrop-

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