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4. Th« raw milk bactfirial count be under 3»0CO,OO0."
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Rauson, Wynne Staton, M.D. St. Andrew's, IVincantony
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of the cord, such as tabes, meningeal tumors, syphilis; and aneurism of the
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actual childhood, in the years of puberty or sometimes later (between twenty
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triculated; 3rd, a certificate that he has as an orderly student of
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for advanced students in zoology. Class limited. Prerequisite: Zoology 205, 220.
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Benedikt has distinguished three forms of writer's cramp, but they run into
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patient may seem perfectly well, but the symptoms recur with the spring.
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tion in the nature and the behavior, rapid and motiveless change in the dis-
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same family of such obviously allied constitutional diseases as obesity, gout,
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acute articular rheumatism and once after gonorrhea. Bilateral paralysis of
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exert even an unfavorable influence upon the disease. In the latter case we
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nerves which have lost none of their voluntary motility. In such cases there
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Bs. 30, rising to Bs. 40 on passing the Preliminary Scientific examina-
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rules applicable to the Uncovenanted Civil Service. Successful candi-
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reprimand, the public censure, confinement (gateing), expulsion.
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sessions' attendance on a course are required. Certificales of Honour
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ment of medicine ; (3) An essay on any medical subject, written by
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development of hallucinations, which are much more frequently auditory,
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dition first becojnes evident with an otwious lack of coordination in the hind 11i*s re-
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or insidiously, and it is often ushered in by moderate fever and gastrointestinal
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In mild cases, slow recovery, the necrosed tissues gradually sloughing off.
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paralysis of only a single part of the body. We call such an isolated paralysis
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later. It is worthy of note that certain forms usually begin in childhood
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under two different professors ; one course of Tocology; one course of
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pathology and Syphilopathology, of Ophthalmic Clinics, of Obstetrics and
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414. Research in Roentgenology. — As a rule students do not register for credit in
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our first thought would be of a glioma, because it is by far the commonest
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since word deafness — that is, the defective understanding of speech — is not
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rarely be of syphilitic origin. Malaria is also said to cause multiple neuritis.
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This is not the School of the University, but an independent institu-
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sometimes quite weak or entirely absent, but where the irritability is abnor-
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of an eight-per-cent solution of sodium hydrate. After one or two minutes'
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a successful attempt has been made to overcome the closure of the jaws gradu-
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amlodipine diltiazem and verapamil are which of the following
some very favorable results with this method in severe cases of trigeminal
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identical with those seen in other forms of meningitis. Ptosis is not infre-
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abnormality or impaired general nutrition. Such patients are soon tired on