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will prevail. Usually epidemics of scarlatina prevail in the autumn and

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familiar with these syin[)toms, and be on the walcli lor their ap[)earance.


then is washed along tho uriniferous tubules with the urine. When albu-

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Treatment — Tho tivatmont is n\tof!;ethcr pall ialive. The indieatioiiK are

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perforation of the valve may occur. These perforations are sometimes

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duce it. Fagge says only fifty per cent, of the cases of aortic insufficiency

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testine contains a moderate quantity of dark grumous blood. During the

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If the patient is closely questioned, he will state that he has recently

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cause it. Phthisical processes are nearly always accompanied by more or

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feeble heart action, stimulants will be demanded early. It is not necessary

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sing, fight, and swear, and it is necessary to give the drug easily and

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Acute Lobar Pneumonia. — Lobular Pneumonia. — Interstitial Pneumonia. —

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migrated from the rectum through the intestinal wall. See fistula in

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less opium, tlie dcse may be diminished, or the interyal between the doses

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tissues slough and a sore results, that this sore will heal very slowly and

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and also vary in number, but rarely exceed fifteen or twenty. Laminated

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tissues. Relieving the obstruction and encouraging the circulation pre-

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ment of the eruption, their color is a pale rose-red, paler than the intense

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Fourth: — There is a form of njastrie dyspepsia due to imi)aired motion

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of coagulated lymph. These coagnla often represent pure cultures of

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possibly by tuberculous meat. Other unique methods of contagion are

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and the pulse is feeble and frequent, the prognosis is very unfavorable.

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of headache which continues for about two weeks ; the period before the

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is better when it follows measles than when it occurs after whooping-

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This disease, also called aade yellow atrophy and malignant jaundice,

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scured by the upper extremity of the ulna lifting up the flexor muscles.