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clinical descriptions and the abundance of its clinical

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and arm are affected in varying degree — sometimes

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Altogether, there were 422 cases, not including those

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right to the top. If it was carried out with that pru-

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quill pen should be used for writing. — Dr. Gibert a

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oiiits. Although the virulence is lost, the tetanus spores

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lation, more peptones are absorbed. .Just wliere the

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in two consecutive years, — naturally these tracings

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leir office, and their chief business lay in the collection

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trated. Verlag von August Hirschwald, Berlin. 1903.

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of heads, could the best results be obtained in the

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the subject know to be of the greatest value to the

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the hospitals on the persons of the sick, as no clothing

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twenty-fourth day, excreted during the first thirteen

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by representatives of many nations — four Germans (oue

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Secondary Eruptions in Smallpox. By Jay F. Schamberg,

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and failed considerably in strength. A slight frequency

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the stomach — gastric catarrh and in the group of

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be clearly indicated. The first, which would be best

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Dr. Charles H. Holmes of New York has been appointed

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be matle on the Society. This auxiliary fund had been

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excrete the toxius leads to their accumulation in the

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the neck. There was a very slight rosarv. The heart

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slight amount of muco-pus in the olfactory region. The

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been so firmly established in the minds of the laity

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An effort will be made to show that it is satisfactory

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in the last ten years, all offering favorable opportu-

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and the smaller cities and towns is like sunshine and

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carefully drawn, and appear to cover every possible

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of a fresh section, than on the microscopic diagnosis.

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creatitis is present. Since the original publication

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erysipelas 4, puerperal fever 7, measles 9, typhoid fever 62,

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W. H. Be ll, passed assistant surgeon. Detached from the