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pharmacy at the outset should possess such an acquaintance
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Reid, M.D. ; W. D. Halliburton, M.D. Honorary Secretaries:
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H. G. A. writes : " In this district the medical officer of health lives at a
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number of systematic lectures, clinical instruction, the em-
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to be sold under conditions involving the possibility of
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resorted to early, because not infrequently the patient may remain
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There are seven public parks, of which the most beautiful is
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disport himself when he has the opportunity of painting
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tinuous use of this ointment at one place is likely to cause severe irri-
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animal food? (Reputed "turtle" soup is often made of conger eel,
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glands in, 10, 64, 114, 26(>, 6HS, 738, 9.54. 955 ; as-
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characteristic in showing a marked deficiency of hemoglobia, without
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touched, the patient declaring herself quite comfortable, and
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comes a serious trouble to diabetics, a very serviceable preparation for
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muffled, so as not to be readily detected. This weakening of the en-
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On auscultation, a rough systolic murmur, heard loudest at the aortic
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â– which it has educated the public to expect, they must either
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Liver, calomel in hypertrophic cirrhosis of. i>2;
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5. The relation which exists between the pancreas and excretion
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to the condition of the pulse in acute laryngitis, nor does it
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Kitasato identified the propagation of the plague through the bites of
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all of which are almost universally to be found in every
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were reported in which no spinal lesion was to be found, and hence it
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muscles; in fact, indicative simply of muscular overstrain. Thus, it
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lowed fractures of the forearm, I can, in the absence of any
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wide double passage for large vessels up and down the river.
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of special interest and importance to medical men and
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infections is to be found. Hence, the prime importance of diet in the