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particulars of this apparatus the reader is referred to Oertel's article

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cholera must be left to the future ; suffice it to state here that Behring

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the truth that the various forms of inflammation merge insensibly one

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during the fermentative changes produced by the bacteria, besides the

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carefully attended to. The housemaid's work will depend upon the

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Perhaps it may be inoculated, in the manner of the vaccine virus, by

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produce spores, in which form they were assumed to remain dormant

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and special, has been productive of greater benefit than any wholesale

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calcium and chloride of sodium. These are the only waters of this class

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we have over that occurring in the lungs or pleura we are able in peri-

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ough disinfection of the ward these septic complications disappeared to

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Ahhough there may be some opinions to the contrary, and though

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rated from genuine cases of cholera belong to one or several species, or

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less vivid than when excited by the sensible object itself, and it is this

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La Bourboule, which we have mentioned already amongst the warm

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quickness; blood drawn, much cupped and buflfed; countenance still

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tends to other planets, so as to enable the astronomer, as with the fabu-

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Saficlent attention will be paid to Practical Anatomy.

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instance of recurrent sarcoma of the mamma the glycerine extract of four

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of the doctrines, and the claims of the advocates, are very briefly, and,

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having had experience of our recent epidemic, who would not rather

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simply to the character of the opposition which had been oflfered to

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compression de I' air, 1835. — 5. Lange, J. On Compressed Air, its Physiological

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easily procurable in an emergency. It may now be obtained from

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tute specific miasms. Our knowledge of the origin of febrile miasm con-

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people are living, whether of water-supply, sev/erage and drainage, the

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as conclusive. Most investigators, Avhile preparing the toxins from bac-

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crust of bread is more suitable than the crumb, and whole meal than

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of the slowness of its action (especially when taken by the mouth) it is

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we find that the protective serum itself is neither attenuating nor con-

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of the toes, sole of the foot, and sometimes dorsal surface of the foot,

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induces us to believe that the authors of the hypothesis did not intend

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in colour and widely diffused, lloseola, maculae and bullae have been

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mountains around them, preventing free access of air. There are no

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of my practice in scarlatina, I have never employed ^ood-letting, either

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of this assumption, and for the time being we must confess our ignorance

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2. Common Salt or Muriated Saline Waters. — Although common

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cerned which require consideration and reconsideration; but of many of

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by the urine and the fasces in four (iases of enteric fever, and found the chloride diminish

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established themselves in the living body, but we have in addition the