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death-rate from different forms of "fever" (including typhus, enteric,

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1892, Dr. Hasterlik took half a drop of a pure cholera cul-

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were not acquainted with the Scotch ijrocedure. He an-

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the so-called Brownian system, which was based on quite dif-

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of age, not members of the Pension Fund, who are without

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the principal experiments in his recent researches also. He

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July 19th, and October 25th, 1893. Candidates for elec-

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when first drawn out was distended, and whether it con-

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the material of life must also be contained in the individual

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G. L. Roberts. J. F. Strickland. A. H Alear, W. H. Brendon, W. G.

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advised a tonic and cod-liver oil, strong counter-irritation to the left

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nearly 2,500. As one who was prevented from attending on

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MM. Petcnne, Faillet, and Georges Berry criticised the

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tlie College of Melicine has been set apart. This fine room

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Secretary to the Stamford, Rutland, and General Infirmary, vice J.

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paper on "Deadly Poisonous Trades" in the Fortnigk'ly Review of Feb-

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America was founded at Quebec in 1637, and still exists.

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Ma. THonxi.EY Stoker has sent a letter to the Dublin news-

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an important influence in hindering or promoting coagulation.

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Optimo decoratur. Etenim ubicumque florent medicinae

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deviation from the normal, especially the boys. Many of

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have no certainty that by the latter we protect ourselves

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The expenses in 1891 were £333 14s. Id., and in 1892 £248 4s. 3d., or a saving

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(A) R. Ackerley, M.B., Ashburtou ; Dr. F. J. Allan, London ; An Old

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cinator of the Alnwick district. He was also for several

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Highbury Park, N., March 20th. James L. Maxwell, M.D.

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R. Cellatly, M. Jacljsiii, J B Jamieson. J. V. Lockhart-.Mure, .1. J.

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" (n) The tumour consistsot bundles of non-striped muscular

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is quite another matter than stating that London is not

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arguments in support of that resolution were, first, the argu-

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