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German prices are lower than the English. Taken as a whole, Euro-

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condensed, proposed work by Dairy Division, note 62

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(f) Should any association fall to act in conformity with any or all of these regula-

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pendent existence? Is the failure to demonstrate any actual increase

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liver, as here were found three or four degenerated tubercular masses of the

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18. Homans. J.; Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Em-

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for syphilis. Its exact nature is not understood and

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stances which upon hydrolysis will yield any sugar.

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act of Congress of June 30, 1006, and exemption certificate No. The said meat

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assist in determining the accuracy of vital statistics.

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force to the supposition that such accentuation may occasionally occur

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centimeters below that of the pulmonary valves. The relation of the

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distilled wata: are introduced into the colon and removed after a short

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sheep, 267 ; swine, 12,719 ; while the numbers condemned were : Cattle, 2,734 ; sheep, 19 ;

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pharyngeal lymph gland and extensive tuberculosis of the lungs with involve-

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perature was normal. On October 11, 17 days after the onset of her

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the Missouri State Medical Association to authorize that mem-

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first aid. Certain conditions, such as chemical eye

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so, because in the extensive literature on the subject there is a decided

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28. ♦GiFFHORN, H.: "Beitrag zur Aetiologie der kongenitalen

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9:25 a. m. Common Proctologic Conditions, Thomas E. Smith, M.D., Dal-

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18. Flinn, Lewis B.; Howard, John W. ; Todd, Charles W.,

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As previously indicated, the methods employed necessarily differ

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physical and chemical changes. The relationship of the various

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meat from Inspected carcasses, are clearly defined, thorough, and most rigid ; and backed

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Industry, nor until permission shall have been obtained in advance of the movement

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of June 30, 1006. The said meat or meat-food products are sound, healthful, wholesome,