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A patient with simple Catarrhal typhlitis would have some-

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manure "dump." — A Bill providing for the levying of an

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lay the question of revaccination fully before their patients,

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1842-3: vols. 14-16, 1847-48; vols. 46-48, 1864-65 ; January, '1870 ; vols. 89-90;

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Thb spring meeting of this Branch was held at Weymouth

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grants in aid of such research. Applications for sums to be

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whose anatomical position within the abdomen may differ

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sbam ; Mr. P. Q. Katkeek, Torquay ; Dr. E. Kirk, Glasgow. (L) Mr. C.

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were 4u7, or more than lt.i per cent., below the corrected average number

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[The above translations are from the shorthand writer's

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by Mr. Knowsley Thornton of performing suprapubic drainage

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sonal strain of Dr. Corfield's letter, but at once we may say

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The Treatment of Constitutional Syphilis. By Dr. 0. Ziemssen. London :

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be glad of the services of a skilled nurse yet hesitates to ask for her,

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communicate with the local Secretary, James Altbam, Penrith.

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English rate. In London the birth-rate was 32.7 per i.dko, while it

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B. N. T. writes : A. B. and C. (partners) and D. are all the medical men