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were of the Argyll-Robertson type, 37 per cent reacted feebly,

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2. Water Supply (zero to 15% in different years) 10%

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the possibilities of trauma in the causation of septal defects

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syphilitics ; more than half of the women were prostitutes ; 130

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with plain collodion. In more than twenty years he has had no worse

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week, a starch bandage for two weeks, then merely an adhe-

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the qualifications of candidates, the period of study to be not less

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has been copied for this purpose and will be found in the early

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it has entered the tube, so that the ovum may become impregnated

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temperature varied from 100 degrees in the morning to 102

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one. It may be due to the actual removal of germs from the

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Therefore, the lesions in the pons, medulla and cord are secon-

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for this reason, and the feeding, therefore, should be carefully con-

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Philadelphia. The writer was led to investigate the causes of a per-

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ceptibility to certain infections. Diphtheria easily leads them all in this

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characterized by chills, fever, cough, dyspnea, and

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The various chapter headings really tell the story of the

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case which comes to our clinics. By thus making the nurse

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which may override such disapproval by a three-quarter

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of iodinated contrast medium. The earliest subdural

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he has convinced himself that they have no essential value.

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The cortex is usually smooth or finely granular and

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severe pain, and catheterization for the urinary retention are

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question of controlling the publication of medical articles by the

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must have many different kinds of interests enlisted. We need

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gans. The latter process is not painful, and the general slowing of the

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tion has shown the child to be a proper recipient of help examination is

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