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The forearm may also be affected, especially the muscles on its ulnar aspect.

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tile, 9— scarlet fever, J— puerperal fever, 1— suicide, 1— convulsions, 9— apoplexy, l-^aceldeDtal, 1—

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life produced upon the effects and operation of medicine. Those who

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children, by means of it, safely through attacks of scariatina and cy-

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human tuberculosis communicable to cattle ? Do the bacilli found in these

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cine are sold — not embracing many, nor such as we usually obtain io

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Owing to the great destruction of teeth from caries in the present day,

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The patient's right hand is put in the " hip-firm " position. The ojDerator, by

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that weakness of the neck muscles, allowing the head to fall suddenly back-

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the canal. Each of the slips was nearly an inch wide, and two and a

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Gentlemen in the country, wishing young, active, well-qualified medi-

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cept what was caused by the ulceration around the stitches. The liga-

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ous, and copper oxide is only so in very large doses. It is just possible that

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each child under one year receiving two insertions on each arm.

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affections of the eye, according to Power, are caused by the presence of

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it mora or less actively towards the healthy parts and towards the sur-

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establishments, they were divided into three classes of twenty each ;

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ProlapiHi C/terijOr Falling of Uie fVomb^ and other diseases depending upon a rei^^^'°'> ^VJT "l

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to be darkened. To take for nourishment, gruel and arrow-root ; and

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stomach. The finger-points are " fanned out " and pressed down ; the vibration or