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taining 25 doses in five syringes full. Care should be taken that the
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-grain, might become the home of the best breeds of mutton sheep.
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The spotted race (Fleckvieh) of Swiss cattle has its home in the
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Drains exist in name only, being but shallow trenches dng in the earth and
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December 13, 1995. Number of red corpuscles per cubic millimeter of blood,
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Atlanta ever to be visited by those formidable epidemics which
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of New York, and one by Dr. Willy Meyer, of New York, on " The Treat-
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farmer. One small herd of choice animals is being kept pure in
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of Aquarius, in the year 1345. Such conjunctions always foreboded
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Before alluding to the treatment, I will give vou the opinion of Di-
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The parasite may be demonstrated in the red cells during life in
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Dr. a. M. Phelps thanked the Society for this vote, and the
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From variola, by their size and the absence of the central depression,
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The new slaughterhouses, which are situated in Uongkew, are in
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worn-out and used-up corpuscles and their detritus. In Dr. Warren's
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species which thus indirectly cause poisoning. Mention has been
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ited the temples for relief, were subjected, under religious
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The latter appears to be that followed by Mr. Tilden. The
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