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The President, Mr. Cathcabt, and ISIr. Cotterill en-
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January -'^rd, when she complained of cold and shivering. On January
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Dr. X. H. Choksy, our young Indian contemporary has every
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tables wliich I annex, taken from Bayard's report, show Ilfracorabe to
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fore are antagonistic to tlie Christian religion, wliioli should engender
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was opened. By arranging the cases according to the
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Around the metropolis last week cases were heard of in the Dartford dis-
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of Lincoln's Inn Fields and Cleveland Gardens, to Christabel Eleanor
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titled to equal conbideration, and whose graduates it would
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man. There is certainly no pletliora of such writing in the
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prosperous future there can be no reason to doubt, and I shall always
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26th, 1893, Mr. Gboegb Polloce, President, in the chair.
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cure; " and the prevention of it, by efficient vaccination and
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cuts are for the most part diagrammatic and sketchy.
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Medical Joursal of May 27th. The address will be delivered by the
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Association was in close communication with the great
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carious bone can be removed from the vertebral bodies, and
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Medical Journal of March :^r>tli, in which your corre-
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remedies to be used at certain seasons of the year, the follow-
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bouours: E. R. Kendall, College of Medir-ine. Newc.rstle upon
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dinner at 5..30 p m. — charge 6s., exclusive of wine. The following com-
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such as Spencer Wells, Fergusson, and T. Holmes, sym-
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ment is not very apparent. Had Langton's testamentary dis-
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notification is at present optional on the part of local authori-
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11 months old. The tumour was a meningocele, and its con-
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of cases he had related and dislocation of joints. In the
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Hospital; L. S. Hughes, E. Thomas, and P. D. Barker, University
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CANCER HO.'il'iTAL i FREE), Fulham Road, S.W, — HouseSurgeon. Ap-
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firmed, Mr. G. Bliek, of Islip, was elected a member of the
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does not prevent success. (Juite recently we have operated