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Sometimes abscesses break out upon the limbs, nature making an
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ease lies dormant in the body. The period of incubation varies from
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agony for six weeks." "Ever 3' attack has laid me up for three or
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The sebaceous glands are little bodies imbedded in the lower strata
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as an attemi)t at repair, and may express the difference between the
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ster, anchovies, etc., one-half to one tablespoonful.
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upon as the exciting cause of this affection. In most of these cases
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and neuralgic, with which it is so 'often confounded. It is of the
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it is well to continue the remedj^ for ten days or two weeks, in doses
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same category as that related by Dr. Foster. They tend to show
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The most common cause of intractable ulcers in the nose is syphilis.
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described carbohydrate-free standard diet is also suitable; the more
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fibrous sheath. They diminish in size as branches are given off until
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Nearly a fourth of those attacked by yellow fever die ; hence, an
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with abundant albuminuria and cylindruria the name chronic parenchy-
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republic. In the rich Champagne country in Lorraine and Burgundy,
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stops. -It is in this way that death results from blood poisoning.
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there does exist a class of primary muscular inflammations in which
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duced by the rubbing of a valvular vegetation against the lining
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heavily coated, except about the edges. The fever rages for about
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that they exercise a favorable influence on the course of the ailment,
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to infection by the colon bacillus. Becco observed pericarditis in rabbits
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This process of absorbing and expelling gases is essential to the main-
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From the writings of French physicians at the end of the eigh-
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move any dirt, foreign substance or shred of clothing. The cleansing
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Exercise increases and improves the heart's action. This, if not
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this work conjointly. Any common handicraft is easy to the trained
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or less marked. Other symptoms may be noticed or some i^ those
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was filled by the election of Dr. Dalton, who had re-
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the cause. Old people are more subject to attacks of vertigo than
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and, on the other hand, cases which dragged on their wear^^ and
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evident, but they rapidly vanish with the subsidence of disorder