Furosemide Or Mannitol

276, had all the typical symptoms of pellagra, which recurred with lessened
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injected intravenously to avoid death by multiple embolism, often after
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that without thyroid treatment there was a loss of 2.09 gm. per day.
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the left may be a little nearer the median line. The left capitulum
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ened areas there appeared a sense of constriction over upper chest
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tions of the student, to lead him to see the domains of Medicine
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philia repeated careful examinations were made of the stools for ova or para-
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Interesting in this connection are the investigations of Marie de
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Those pellagrins who survived the second year of the disease with-
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fluid cell count of 2 per c.mm. The blood serum still gave a positive Wasser-
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factor of error assumes prominence. This depends in part on the evi-
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junctional premature beat in Lead II is not broken by P complex.
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and soft, and that their fibres were loosely held together. Slight
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has occurred, there may be at first passive and later active motions,
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observer by apparent caprice. Yet to one who has penetrated to the
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many hours or even days, may be induced by a great variety of causes
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is more than twice that of a corresponding artery from a healthy sub-
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water, sodium chlorid and nitrogen showed no fixation in the forenoon,
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In a third group, represented by the last three cases of this report
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cemia, or of an acute intoxication, such as alcohol or hyperthyroidism,
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action, or absolutely arrest the movement of the heart, by final impli-
furosemide or mannitol
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although this paper is not written with a view to medical applications, yet the principles
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of blood urea as did the other subjects. This was due in part to the