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fatty degeneration of the heart always found in adherent pericardium,

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Treatment. — The ordinary antiphlogistic measures ; general and

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(p. 598) ; if chiefly of narcotic poisoning, the treatment prescribed

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duces a narcotic effect on horses and cattle that feed upon it, but

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Friesland constitute one of the very oldest and most notable of the

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class. Particularly is it important in every such case to know

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during the five days only (j\ pounds. The result, however, was also

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cases it reached 106.8° F., and was accompanied by delirium.

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as it is very unpleasant for both the patient and surgeon on account

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with the other remedies ; and when the skin is very irritable, lotions

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of the iris appeared fairly normal and the vision of the eye proved to

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clean state. Any dirty conveyance will be stopped from going out of the abat-

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I vaccinated and castrated at same time, but never any when vaccinating and

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and it has been a great satisfaction to all concerned to observe the

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of illness are best taken care of in a hospital, but it is often diffi-

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protected. The reason why the patient was protected was because

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strongly demanded by self-interest ; still, whatever concerns the

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the chances of recovery vary very greatly with the particular poison

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in the nose and nasopharynx. The characteristic cocci of this

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was repeated. We believe that the most approved practice in

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symptoms of amendment are due to the medicines employed, would be an

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sternum near the cartilage of the sixth rib and at the diastole of

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body are hereby autheriied and empowered to elect all such officers as may be se-

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the herdbook issued was No. VI, in 1899. This shows the animals

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of the middle pressure. In every test the tonometer recorded

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with the horse, with the object of getting a larger and handsomer

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dull and listless ; has been out several times ; still, has some

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eolor— one or more hairs traverse it, and where the hair emerges, there ia

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off with the approach to the fateful half-year mark. The sudden drop

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and others claim that atrophy of the testicle often follows herni-

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this United States butter compared favorably with the ' ' Best Dorset. " The latter