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in color. No ulcers will be found in these acute cases. The chronic
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P. rhoeas L., field poppy, red poppy, or corn poppy.— These
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ed to the class during the session. Such only will be noticed
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amounts given them during the night following without any ill effects
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Prognosis. — Unattended with danger, and generally disappearing
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London, 48 in Middlesex, 85 in Essex, and 16 in Surrey. In other words, 718 of
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sent over two lots of unsalted butter, made at Eastern creameries.
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state of the bowels, the condition of sleep, motor symptoms, etc.,
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Melaena. Haemorrhage from the bowels (fj.4XaLva, black).
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below. This proved the absolute worth of the tonometer.
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number, knowing that a large, unwieldy body was not satisfactory.
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law to receive for transportation or transport any stock affected with said disease
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Consul Roberts, of Cape Town, sent the following statistics on the
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the itching is greatly increased by the warmth of bed. Pruritus senilis
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In the later convulsive stages ammonia fumes in the nostrils act promptly and
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tenderness upon pressure over the region of the antrum, together
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lived nearly three times as long as the controls." In some cases they
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aureus, the staphylococcus epidermidis albus, and a micrococcus
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Exciting. Immoderate sweating, produced by excessive heat, or
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After ten days these pigs, together with two checks, were inoculated
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blockier, fuller form maintains the maximum weight. Bulls ordi-
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