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twenty-six hooklets in a double row, rising from a pigmented base, and
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hyperplastic and softened, and not rarely there are enlargement and
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local development of specific inflamn:iation, constitutes the general
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between rollers in a machine shbp. For several days he was appa-
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viously stated, the so-called acute aneurism of the heart is the result of
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of two years, although temporary periods of improvement may occur.
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that of twelve cases which he bled under such circumstances eleven died,
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of less obvious origin is of more likely occurrence during epidemics of
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with consequent great thickening and subsequent atrophy, even to the
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odier more palatable diluents, occasional enemas of starch water,
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According to our own experience, the best styptic is Monsel's salt (not
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of inducing anaesthesia without the presence of a third person, id of
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has occurred fifteen minutes after the reception of an injury. In such
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The turpentine stupe or the mustard plaster may be used, but ordi-
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tient should simply inhale steam (vapor) or atomized water (preferably
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the skin should be kept thoroughly active. Certain mineral springs,
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supine position of the patient. Although in general the contrast between
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of exhaustion from want of food. If the patient be in a semi-stupor and
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be used if necessary to satisfy the craving for vegetables. Generally
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PROGNOSIS. Leukaemia is generally considered to be a fatal disease,
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pain in the region of the appendix. The patient is in a condition of
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ventilated, the risk to a healthy person involved in nursing a consump-
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over the lower costal cartilages, are distended and prominent, and, if
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ness on change of position. Circumscribed pneumothorax is at times
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common features, however, which, although varying in severity and ra-
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considerations often enter into the problem of choice of locality ; very
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The symptoms of brain- tumors may be divided
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grated. The mucous membrane of the uterus is often injected ; its