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ning; gave some general directions and dismissed the case.

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and chemosis, with sclerotic and conjunctival injection, and constant la-

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cow, 19.7 cents. The average price received for butter fat for the

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$1037.92, being somewhat increased, due to increase in the cost of printer's

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to New York in 1886, and to Massachusetts in 1887. Another impor-

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neous notions are often disseminated by them. An example of this is

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availability of t^ds same materia]; for tbe pnrpose of treating animals

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show the throat clear from diphtheria one day and strongly

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variety is said to be absent — that is, the giant cells.

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in a gh'uss of water, and to repi-nt the dose, with one egg every four hours.

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will fatten tolerably well, and may be marketed; but in the cases

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boats shall have a note upon its face with a similar statement. Whenever any

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deavor to follow the indications, to-wit : Overcome the irrita-

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to a review of the labors of the many eminent men, who have

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age, it is about 4 pounds a day during the summer season.

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A part of November, 1898, is missing. It will be obsei'ved that the

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In 1897 rabies was reported as affecting 1,282 dogs, 22 horses, 120

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The question of how completely to eradicate the disease from a pas-

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excess of that of the Sanger operation, a fact presumably due (as

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duty, at the usual visit, to examine the case myself, and to relieve the

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Dr. James H. Glass, of Utica, read a paper, " The Porro Csesa-

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Stramonium^ as a remedy in Dysmerwrrhoea. By C. W. Ashbx,

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what he ejected from his stomach. It will be remembered that he did not vomit

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etc.) as well as to those cases where the constitution of the animal

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Rapids, whose farm is 1 mile west of G. C. Rodkey's, was interviewed,

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June 19, 1895. Bom at the experiment station, daughter of cow No. 214. The

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apparently normal, except for a few small dots on the surface of the

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the aid of the blunt hook. The delivery was tedious, and was

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ous failure of the combined influence from home and abroad