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It would be an essential improvement in therapeutics were the practi-

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These lectures — as well as another on the primary treatment of injuries,''

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documents. 4. It is no discredit to one recognized in-

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cases of insanity of puberty nutrition is at fault and the

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Both patients entered the ward at the same time, the one remained there

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lowing case from Dr. Collins's excellent treatise on Midwifery, (Select Lib. edit. p. 227.)

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acid to prevent all kinds of diseases due to fermentation,

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juice or alimentary matters, even under some unknown vital influence; for,

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science and its practical application. I append some

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June 17th. — Felt no relief after the cupping until this morning; pains in

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Scrofulosis, Morbus Brightii, General Dropsy. — This case has been

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at seven months ; the first lived twenty-four hours, the second was still-born.

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identical with that which in a coagulated state constitutes the colourless jo^lobules

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The mucous membrane was of a light rosy tint throughout the greater part

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philo-^^ophical, that I must be pardoned in shortly detailing it.

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the suppression of the disease, he would be entitled to com-

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