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second good animal spirits, and the third good animal spirits,
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after the injury, he began to have fits. For nine months they
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costs of compliance with bureaucratic regulations, legislative
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He was discharged after two weeks and continued to cough
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interstices of the reticular substance. The size and shape of
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generations on cow calves. Nevertheless, he concludes as to the necessity
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A Double-Blind Controlled Crossover Trial of an Antigen-
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1875 Sir William Jennee, Bart., M.D., K.C.B., D.C.L., F.E.S
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tical disease; fracture of the left femur, which was cancerous 134
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Standards for Obstetric-Gynecologic Services, 1974. Am Coll Obstet
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hands and feet it is thrown into wrinkles with every movement.
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men. Pain is felt also in the left loin and in the urethra
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The resemblance between osteo-myelitis and the present
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respected major pharmaceutical manufacturers who have
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ternal surface, except where it is fissured into larger lobes.
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second Dr. Monro had previously proposed to let out the air from the
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System in the Human Subject, and in other Animals. Illustrated with Plates.
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9. Acceptable safety and sanitation practices must be
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The reason was this : I knew from the testimony of my own
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coagulation was prevented, even at 212°, by an excess of acetic, citric,
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Anthony P. DeSpirito, M.D. (1979) (Monmouth) Neptune City
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Direction of Irving J. Selikoff, M.D., Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. and Faculty
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The hand was passed under the bone so as to separate it as
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ing it, and not only in man and quadrupeds, but also in birds,
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and that the descending colon was completely empty. The
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beneath the nails, the legs and feet, as well as the finger webs.
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by the salicylic acid treatment with that left by completely
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and of the oil was no greater than 41° of Fahrenheit's scale.
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Was formerly very active. About five years ago he noticed,
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be pressed out of it ; and this fluid the learned M. de Senac
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Berdoe.^ Berdoe called the serum serosity. Jurin, Morgan,
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