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feces. Acute liver injury also is associated with an escape of
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abdomen was distended (88 cm.), bulging in the flanks, and gave movable
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when the fcetor becomes of the true gangrenous character. This is owing
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of the nervous centres is merely symptomatic of disease affecting some
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to 3 per cent, phthalein. This indicates a certain degree of liver
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25th, two da^'s afterwards, rallied considerably, to the great astonishment of M.
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in the electrocardiograms during the anaphylactic reaction occurred
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either of the other forms, and is situated on the serous surfaces,
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sensible writer, and we conceive his present production to afford confirmation of
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most generally, are not, at first, structurally diseased, but only oppressed by
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the greater the occlusion the greater the negative pressure on inspir-
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investigation of anatomical lesions, and of the leading therapeutical
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the age of thirty years, while three remaining daughters had car-
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ception. She also gradually forbore from all fluids, except to rinse her mouth
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but in a less degree. Only two or three spots were gangrenous, and hepati-
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the fevers of Malta and the Ionian Islands, taken chiefly from Hem-
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\%, no free hydrochloric acid, normal pepsin content and no lactic acid.
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J'ai encore accouche depuis ce temps 1h, sept autres fenimes, donl les enfans qui etoient
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e. g. y a fear of knives in a person who has had the fear of committing
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to dispute with him as to the correctness of his views, provided, always the
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divided with a scalpel, present a multitude of deep red dots, resembling some-
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nerves and muscles, and objective sensory disturbance non-segmental in
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the leukocyte count was 190,800. This patient was without treat-
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frontal bone, on the left side, through the superciliary ridge and through the
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to approximate quantitative studies based on the disappearance
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ning to come from the life insurance companies in such studies as
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sions simply by itself. The dose to begin with is one scruple, which may be
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connected with changes more or less apparent in the circulation of the head,
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cause which checks tke discharge, and is sometnncs so excessive as to render her
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brown, and in spots, of a black colour, and had a coating of dark brown
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miliary tubercles. To be sure, without the recent new appliances
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adequate cause produces considerable derangement in the respiratory function,
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cavity, careful quantitative studies of the pancreatic ferments
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internal cavity or organ find their way to the surface through an ab-
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lungs" caused a dilTiculty of respiration. He sat in his bed until, upon
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canal and in the blood, it would seem "that no further difficulty would
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Civiale, and we shall close our remarks for the present.
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although differing ossentiallv in their symptoms, progress and results,
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on the process of absorption. Both then have a similarity of structure; in both the