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was only 0.009G gram, the total quantity of volatile acid could prob-

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Bidering under two distinct heads, namely : Non-reliable, and

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filling and making a perfect mould of the stomach ; two smaller

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soiling of the peritoneum ; convalescence is smooth and satis-

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than any other part of this organ, and affections of the former

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reached after resection of portions of the ninth and tenth ribs.

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fourteenth day following the operation the patient complained of

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as the cholera germ is concerned, although the results given with the

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The doctor will not often be called upon to make a diagnosis

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by Dr. V. A. Moor^,^ who determined the cause to be a tapeworm

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from the abnormal portion of the glenoid cavity. The shaft of

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blister ; frictions with mercury (eczema mercuriale) • the handling of

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cal Journal for August, 18^5, a preliminary sindy of the fats of the

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maeopoeia concluded that it was desirable for them to undertake

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is indicated by bluish blotches on the ventral aspect of the body. In

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in his office. I made a rough translation of the *' account of

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ed. The fiather had become dissatisfied, and was talking about his right

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and the individual enters into a pathological state, mentally, that

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In none of my cases has it been necessary to make the cut in

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bacillus. Each divides into two, and finally when they have become

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because the surgeon feels that he ought to assume a responsibility

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a spoonftil of water, eveiy two hours, the face and arms to be

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announced to the world the method which bears his name. Dr.

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of treatment combined. After the acute symptoms have subsided

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peting with the manufacturers or venders of blackleg vaccine, what-

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used immediately after it as an antiseptic, together with such

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tanks. This room was the only space available for the pasteurizing apparatus,

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Under the above treatment he rapidly improved, and at the

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sent. The same may be said of most of the usuf^ symptoms,

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from one metre angle up to twenty metre angles, but this is only

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Basing my conclusions upon the results obtained in this series

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virulence of blackleg germs, after they have left the animal body,

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repeated on May 20; but she had only one-half i>ound of the gath-

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a cicatrix of the pylorus following a healed gastric ulcer. The

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sore-throat cannot be protected every hour and minute, as is done

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enforce said quarantine line ; therefore, the above quarantine line is adopted for

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to inguinal hernia? If varicocele does so act the veins of the