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From May 22 to 24 the temperature was slightly elevated, from 103.6° to 104.4' F.

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Preparations of the London Phannacopoeia, with their Doses.

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generally the case, these last-named are men, the result is usually

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The Ayrshire is of a highly nervous temperament. The cow has

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ture with a large needle producing no appearance of feeling, the

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cattle, and horses that are unfamiliar with the plant are often

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pressure is limited because our methods and means of observation

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of probably lauric acid and an unusally high melting acid, an aoid

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that vomiting begins earlier. When they cause complete occlusion,

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detached, and its contents immediately injected through a second

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reaaon why it should not be in general use, providing the fact becomes

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1088. to 1248. per hundredweight [2!^ to 27 cents per pound].

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this is accomplished by phagocytic action, do the phagocytes

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To show how the superstitions affected all classes, it is only neceisary

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the membrane is more strictly limited to the tonsils, as a rule,

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tener, are needed package improvements. Linings, sufficient and

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of New York, and one by Dr. Willy Meyer, of New York, on " The Treat-

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cation. A prominent exemplification of routine practice is seen in those

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Every stock owner who lives in a district where blackleg occurs

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The other common ^^ecies of larkspur in Montana is known to botanists as

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information for future use. In order that the Department might be

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reverting to the spore stage when conditions for its multiplication

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natural barriers to invasion, makes it the most destructive of all the

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The pustules are small and round, contain a yellow matter, which

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From the information gained from this investigation, I am led to

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the premonitory stage and the beginning of the second stage of cholera.

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gelatinous fluid, siUTOunded by an irregular efflorescence, but mai'ked

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noticed a watery secretion from the eyes and nose, followed by loss

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already begun to improve ; the lung, previously quite dead, as far as res-

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occurred, it is almost certain that higher temperature would be withstood for

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of these 147 reacted and were subsequently slaughtered. On a postmortem exam-

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em l)oundary line of Tennessee at the northwest comer of Lake County ; thence

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tlie injection of iodine ; by setons, ^c. Sometimes an agi^omeration of

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I must add, also, that six and thirty medical gentlemen employed at

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