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on the cover glass. To this diluted serum is added the smallest pos-
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promising results are noticeable in subacute bronchitis. Deep
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rations should be made from the spleen, liver, and abdominal exu-
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remarks on an experiment in feeding Delphinium menziesii to sheep^ on page. 421.
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tke first thjnee days, but on the morning of the fourth there^ was
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'^ Not to mention the frequent and hideous marks of a scourge
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take pains to examine the bodies of patients who have died of retention
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A snoring mouth-breather is treated expectantly — that is, not
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nent Children are more liable to the disease from two or three
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upon diseased animals is not affected after twenty-four hours in a
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youths do not possess that power of inhibition which permits of a
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Br. Keiller stated that he had, a few months previously, met with an in-
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Including stitch-hole infection, suppuration occurred in twenty-
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of time after the pressure is removed, is gradually relieved as the patient
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injected subcutaneously into the small experimental animals — rabbits,
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by the liquid disappears. Besides, is it necessary to empty en-
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says that the average percentage for Europe is 15 per cent. His
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tiiined, again in accordance with the usually prescribed method. The
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Organs, their Anatomy. Physiology, and Pathology. Illustrations, in colors, with instructive
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which time he was unable to work, when the enlargement of
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Governor to veto it. It is to be hoped that the Legislative Committee
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prostitution to the most rigorous supervision. The medical profes-
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will but serve to test our strength and to redouble the energy of those on board.
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May 26 : There were fed to the first one 2 ounces of Crepis. The
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Our object is to be quiet and unobtrusive collaborators for
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In rupture of the biceps tendon I invariably stitch those
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facture. On the ninth day the discharge ceased, and the wound
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shoot his patientj as it will run its course more rapidly and effectively.
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award the secretary shall refund the fee paid by the party in whose favor the
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Dr. Sturtevant thus describes the milking parts of the Ayrshire
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Few representatives of this breed have been brought to America.
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this form of disease generally becomes worse, and finally dies.
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of vast value in practical medicine. We allude to mind, in its
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fectly retained in situ, that my patient, in a short time, recov-
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open it, and called my friend Dr. D in consultation, who
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The dia»ue was characterized by two striking and remarkable symptoms:
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Longet has also found that the presence of completely digested albu-
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In Cliarge of Experiment Station of Bureau of Animal Industry,
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munity is a problem that is exceedingly complex. Really, there