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and a copy of the laws for enforcement of same, duly authenticated and certified.
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Present Stale. — She Is able to walk, but walks lame, and the mo*
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been omitted, as it may profitably be in many instances.
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some light on Metschnikoff's theory of phagocytosis.
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way. I asked him'^in^this connection (without his being at all
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[Hon. James Wilson and C. F. Cnrtiss, M. S. R., Bnlletin No. 33, Iowa Experiment Station.]
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be carefully observed. The cars or boats that have carried such stock shall be
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rangements, presented a list of invited guests, and moved that these
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The treatment (local) consisted in dilatation of the passage as far as
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Deceased: Myron H. Parkhill, Howard, March 24, 1901, set. 36.
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coat of the stomach and intestines, and cause them to perfom