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the presence of cardiac disease renal disease or acidosis.

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Studies on the Effects of Quinin on the Liver Blood Cells and

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always indicate the exact order in which the experiments were performed.

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Prognosis. This in most instances depends vipon the extent of the

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The physical structure of the SAWYER SANATORIUM and its surrounding grounds are

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seen by Fischer he presented a cachectic aspect and was poorly nourished yet

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gitis or a meningeal involvement accompanied by some other disease

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more so on entering the hot latitudes. Other precautions are

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University School of Medicine Palo Alto San Francisco

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In the number of this Journal for July is a highly interesting

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have a faint peculiar rather disagreeable odor and an insipid bitterish taste.

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Books and Pamphlets Received Katatonica a Clinical Form of Insanity. By

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