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from the period of his first attack in 1820 to that of his death, in his
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injected directly into the circulation. The experiments devised to ex-
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Morbid Anatomy. — The parts affected are the fibrous tissue around the
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ous large ameboid cells are found, the structure of which is typical for
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imi)licatcd. ' Embolism in the cortex is rarely uttended by serious results,
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of cotisiderable skill was equally unsiiceessfuL Narcotic pooilioes,
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chest, and there is more or less dullness on percussion. These symp^
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treatment, since it may be administered in almost all instances of
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the largest is about ten lines in length. Zrtver, pale chocolate colour
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that have survived is much greater by suffering the patient to re«
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from the dust, but instead of cooling, it has a tendency rather to
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The same changes occur in the liver as in the spleen. Scattered tubercu-
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intact, and in a number of cases, the blue granulation is still quite distinct. Some
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parative resistance of body tissues (wandering cells and connective
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adherent throughout The bronchial glands are tuberculous, and
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ascertained that they were somewhat inflamed, and that a slight
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Internal Medication. — Innumerable remedies have been brought to the
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lues. The first experiments were done macroscopically on the sera
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its cbnnective-tissuc is very extensive. The external layer of the pia mater
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and another wound of 1.2 sq. cm. were both reduced after 17 days to
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remaining in the supernatant fluid after centrifugation of a culture continue to
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Treatment. — If its cause can be reached, it should at once be removed.
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was tumid, red, and sensitive to pressure, though the hand and arm
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blood-cells. In these cheese-like islands the vessels are changed into
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the blood to cause agglutination determines, apparently, in large
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the vessel ; or the miliary gi'anules dot the vessel like a string of beads.
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were peculiarities worth noticing. The cyanosis was almost always
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dition, was, if we may so speak, that of annihilation or utter obli-
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of Common IMeas of New Haven ujion a writ of mandamus