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In 1896 there were 350 eases reported from 153 farm premises. Of

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tion. In one case, that of a married lady, aged thirty-one years,

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without, and where it is inflamed from whatever cause. Usually

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duced by the passage of the bougie — pain described as being similar to

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taken into consideration, it will certainly appear that the treat-

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still retains his position in that deservedly prominent inst£^

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in the windpipe and lungs ; in the peritoneum and pleura ; in the

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filigree or mattress (see Fig. 9) and stitch up the canal with a

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and the period of expected resolution has passed deep breathing

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local and general symptoms complained of by the patient, and, in time,

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constipation, are frequently observed in the prodromal stage,

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patient must be made to take five or ten deep, full inspirations

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saline aperient. If administered in this combination, the morning

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of the bottle is six times as rich as that near the skim milk.

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gravated by it. In such cases, so far as my experience goes, dilatation

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my request by Dr. V. A. Moore, with the material from the tubercu-

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European pork, which was examined in Germany and found to be

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In the Sandwich Islands leprosy is regarded as an incurable

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Manual of Operative Veterinary Surgery, which is almost the only

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blood at operation. Recuperation after hemorrhage was observed

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upon the chest wall can be diminished to about fourteen pounds

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of the various sheep owners these losses have occurred in certain

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cinaT, while the fluid extracts—an elegant form for administer^

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rience teaches us that a few do improve markedly, but they are

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question about the accuracy of the record.~H. E. A.

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Emeritus of the Theory and Practice of Physic in the Univer-

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The transversalis muscle and the internal oblique are sej)arate(l

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what less blocky and with longer legs. Individuals are larger in frame,

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For acute bactergemia I have nothing to suggest. All patients

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ing that this state of engorgement will very likely bring on in-

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being of the same color and of the beef form, the resemblance is still

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suspended in mucilage. Under this method the mortality-rate

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On May 30 there was fed to a sheep IJ pounds at 11 a. m. ; at 6