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ment. And our contemporary would suggest the following reasons
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hind being relieved, it has a fair chance of untwisting, for it
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metry, correlation, and the nature of genera and species.
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Manchester; Mr. Bryce Gordon, Leyton ; Mr. W. Gay, Bournemouth;
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the Outdoor Department. Appointments for six months, and the
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Herman and Herbert Spencer in the British Medical Jocenal of
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bed a little, but his power of assimilating food teemed to be lost, and he
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of granulations, which he letters a, 0, y, 5, and <=.
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officer of health, because he is " salaried " by Mr. Biggs and
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plies to large households. The ventilation and cleansing of
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The Health Committee of the Birkenhead Town Cciineil have decided to
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ternal auditory meatus and the Eustachian tube. The
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warty growth smeared over with fcetid pus and a few small
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cient quantity of nourishment was administered to sustain
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At Manchester the lO cases and 2 deaths in the week ending March ith
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of Yakutsk in Siberia, 100° F. is reached, and at Werchojansk,
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"(c) In the cervix microscopical examination reveals nothing
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proper and illegal to attach to the use of the new form any religious
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ment of the menses at the conclusion of lactation, yet this
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lity.'" In the face of such a statement as this, we ask did the commissioned
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Accoucheur des Hopitaux. (Paris : Ruflf et Cie. 1892.