Keith Erdman Propranolol

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of the disease when uninterfered with surgically are so varied
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L. Hakri&on Deputy In-pector-iTeneral, to Malta Hospital, April inai;
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Hospital; A. E. Jerman. Westminster; H. t;. Jonas. St. Tbomas's
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some time or other ; (<?) lastly, syphilis never passes into
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inhabitants generally would favour any such movement. But
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Messrs. Burroughs, Wellcome, and Co., Loudon ; Mr. E. Bevan, Lydd ;
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square feet of floor space, and is situated immediately opposite
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ing on which the proposers of the above resolution relied is perfectly
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cases. He thought that pressure of the orbital tissues was not
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Medical Officer," to J. W. PyeSmith, Town Clerk's Office, Sheffield, by
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duodenum, and attached a loose loop of jejunum to the open-
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tine. A continuous suture, includinrj tlie mucous membrane,
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Pbofessob, Huxley will deliver the Romanes Lecture at
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And the following gentlemen have been recommended for the degree of
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express written consent of the council." The intention
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fiscal, that a feeling is expressed in some quarters that it is
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he had found nitric acid with very minute doses of opium
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10.0 in Burnley, 10.5 in Croydon. 11.5 in Norwich, and 119 in West Ham
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a sloughy ring of tissue. This persistence of silk sutures
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In order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that all letters on the
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Sleman,iLondon ; Dr. E. Seaton, London; Dr. L. Shore, Cambridge ;
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exposure to the source of infection was for a short known
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Next day she vomited green bile, and during the following
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Ptomaine Poisoning.— A family consisting of a man, his
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the sugar had so completely vanished that seldom more than the faintest
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required by law, and any improvement in the registration
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space to discuss the importance of this question to the gene-
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divides malpractice into two kiods-namely, negligent, where there is
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man to see the body after death in every case ?- 1 do not
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not to be a source of contagion to the other children. When