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rapid and uneventful. The changes in this case were so rapid and

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cyprostol tabletten misoprostol

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surface from which the fungus grows. A few treatments like

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Curtiss, C. F. , and James Wilson, abstract of bulletin on f eedin^g lambs ... 468

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causes which augment the volume or weight of the uterus,) those which

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eight o'clock next morning. I saw her at seven o'clock, Mon-

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The use of what is known as the Douglass mixture is said to be of

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application is made to the surface to be stimulated.

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vigor. The calves are large at birth, almost always strong and thrifty,

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cases, where there hiis been but one child, had seldom persist-

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as well as the calcium and magnesium are absolutely necessary for the

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Of the 49 herds slaughtered, 12 were owned in the small villages

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There was a marked increase in the number sent to the island