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" Menorrhagia,'* "Leucorrhoea,'* etc., and the extreme difficul-
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3. Auerbach. Deutsch Zeitsch. f. Nervenheilkunde, 1897, vol. xi. p. 142.
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feditus. These, among other micro-organisms, have been found in
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Case I. — Mrs. E. K., American, aged forty-three years, married
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The infiltration in the gland had apparently taken place from the
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Williams,^ Dreschfeld,^- and Rees.^) Baruch^° believes that most
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ruary 24th. So entirely successful is this case in its results,
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eoBsiBting of 2 milch cows and 60 head of yearling grade heifers,
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and of a variety of diseases that it can be solved. For the general
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make it sick, or cause an^ more than a small degree of emaciation.
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Conclusions. In concluding this paper I beg leave to form
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well as general directions to keep the bowels open, with the
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respectively, by an intravenous inoculation with a virulent germ suf-
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As to its biological characters, it '*is aerobic and facultative anaerobic, but
prostate 5lx prostatitis
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being regarded as synonymous. The former is an external manifesta-
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ment continues the i)ower of the serum to check the motility of the
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The meeting was called to order by the President at 10 a.m.
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that the paper, accompanied with the motto " Perseverando vinces," should
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certain of obtaining farther supplies of this batter.
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leg vaccine. A double vaccine was prepared at the veterinary college
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inspection work will permit, the efficiency of the employees is also
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66. Strauss. Soc. Med. des Hop., S(5ance du 29, Mars., 1880.