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none which show the presence of foreign noxious matters, in
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the ground between excitement and inflammation on one side,
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these cases. At first there might be a doubt as to whether there
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ethers. It only requires of them seven ounces, to doctor one
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rectum, but the vomiting had persisted. As the abdomen was
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amount of heat from the body, the loss of which lias to be
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of various tracts of mucous membrane certain structural peculiari-
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of the liver in hot damp climates be connected with this circum-
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Such is a brief history of the remarkable processes belonging
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expression of thanks for the social amenities they have enjoyed during
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of which were really present. Contrast Case 35, where
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to check. Recollecting the ether, I ventured to suggest its use.
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the haoit of daily taking four grains. He had followed the habit forty
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as forming the essence of life itself." But, notwithstanding
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so universally known ; but I hope the instances where I have found its in-
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In this latitude, our warm weather is not confined exclusively
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tion between muriatic acid and carbonate of soda — chloride of
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to which the measurements are to be made, demand attention. The
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adipose tissue in which lodge the sudoriferous glands, whose open
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with mustard does well ; but I think few local applications are so
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ment. In a very few cases, I have found that it would not be
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itably fill the ranks of the profession with inferior men.
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Lusk, coming so soon after the announcement of the death of Dr.
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In the case of poisoning by Wourari it was necessary to
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the body recumbent. Even when quite large, it often, nay, gener-
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Among the general symptoms may be mentioned, great agita-
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agency of these cells, will be appropriated, and this being in
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or the peristaltic movement of one part, some of another. In dis-
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which, when but a small quantity is required, may be thus artifi-
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ing paper. " On the blending and conversion [of Types in Fever* 1
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The Calais physician has, moreover, ascertained, as was announced by
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The lungs, in colour and volume resembled those of an early foetus,
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D'ARCY POWER, M.B. (Oxon.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.), Lieutenant-
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He, reported a case, where a woman aborted at three months' term. The