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Dr. Pepper inquired whether Dr. Meigs considered all the

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Otto, know well that it is written from nature, and founded in

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gous to those observed in the degenerative changes which take place

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of health are implied in the qualifications of this term in common use. If

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Odors from Perspiration, etc. Speedy Relief by Using

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ical histology. All candidates for graduation have personal experience in

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connected with gastric or intestinal ulceration, Bright's disease, etc., the

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modum se babent interiora nostrarum Genarum in suo integumento, ut et

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he was suddenly and violently seized himself with the same diis-

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ing into a bronchus or the trachea. The hemorrhage from this source,

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towards the pylorus. They may be found, however, in the car-

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bronchial respiration. From this time her strength gradually

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rests the decay of lung tissue, diminishes the fever, lessens the cougrh,

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Desirable as adjuvants in insufflations and antipruritic

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quenc3\ The movements of the diaphragm 'are restrained, and those of

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room, he was seized with a second attack of articular-rheumatism.

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given at a time is to be graduated b}^ the ability of the stomach to retain

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ceased to breath. The whole body was very warm to the last,

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ing measures, not less appropriate to this than to other diseases which tend

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This work fills a long- felt need in this department. — Buffalo Med. Surg. Jour,

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and didactic lectures on special subjects ; this session begins

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,and enjoyments of a residence among his friends at Clonmell.

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rapidly to the different muscles throughout the body. They appear to

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diseases are seated elsewhere than in the blood. We may assume it to be

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suffered some five years previously, and from which he*had never

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As stated in that connection, the theory which seems most consistent

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ignorance of the nature of the processes which it embraces — the reader is

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stances the oily matters in cheese may be converted into an

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children, does not come within the scope of this work. I shall, however,

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knowledge of this condition, obtained within late years, constitutes one of

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less intensit}^, but lacking the twisting or griping character of the pain in

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to a tricuspid regurgitant murmur and to a jugular pulse.

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1.50 grammes (73^ to 22 grains) to children of from two to

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or, lastly, on locnl liypersemia arising from cirrhosis, disease of the heart, etc.

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arising from the prejudice of ignorance and the excitement of

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indicated for the latter object, but clinical experience has yet to ascertain

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or less abundance — the phosphate of lime and magnesia, and the carbon-

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