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for the same length of tim^, but at a temperature of 90° to 94° C. , serves

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tion that malaria is necessarily concerned in the production of such com-

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by the presence of delirium, and in other instances by the violent

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those of idiopathic iritis, but they generally make their appearance

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in compliance with a promise made the author a long time Ago.

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contain tubercle bacilli. In other cases of healed tuberculosis where

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bar gruglia communicate with the lumbar nerves, the inter-

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cent. ; large lymphocytes, 7.4 per cent. ; small lymphocytes, 5.8 per

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lesion large, and made up of creamy pus and pus-infiltrated tissue.

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themata. I remember to have seen a fatal case in a child who

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exported without being marked to show its true character. The remedy seems to

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Bulletin, entitled "Care of milk on the farm," has been mailed to

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glands. The stomach and bowels were in good condition, and

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hair follicle, it is probable that there are a number of other

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first treated to that of the opposite side, and from thence down to the

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invested in a coating of fecal matter and salts, forming a concre-

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farmer in Shanghai at all times a precarious one, and the question of

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contradictory conditions surrounding the outbreaks. Dr. Theobald

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panied by expectoration is almost invariably due to an irritable

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ercise. Failure in this, the plastic exudation becomes organized,

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than a reference to the many forms of malnutrition characterized

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their Continental ancestors. Little is known of the breed except

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history, description, and general characteristics. 146

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the successive development and evolution of the first infection.

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and swine plague upon a somewhat larger scale. These experiments

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blood of a tarry black color. I gave him ten grains of calomel mixed

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Upon examination, I found uterine effort extremely severe and eontin-

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and fluid. Microscopic examination of cover-glass preparations from the various

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frequently sponged with cold water, and a stimulating Pedel-

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When a cow has aborted, her wcnnb should be washed out with 1^

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hogs are treated as dead meat, and sold with or without the heads,

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erties, it bore such a striking resemblanoe to that of Case I. that it is

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