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right costal margin. A subphrenic abscess may be found, and there is-

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recorded in ten out of eighteen fatal cases at Guy's Hospital. The quan-

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slowly and thus have more time to rest and to fill, and the con-

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serous membrane is coated with a thick layer of hyaline or mucoid

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95° C. This instrument is also used to measure cooling power of the air.

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condition of the organ during digestion. Its continuance renders the stomach

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The TJiird Great I'lat/iie. A Discussion of Syphilis for Everyday

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a considerable number of cases have been observed in the human subject,

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apparently may often do so apart from active tuberculous disease in the .

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may lead to complete locking of the joints. The ligaments of the joints

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— are generally to be found: — A low morning and high evening (101°-

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plenty of hot water to drink ; for although she will, because of the

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four true cases of carcinoma of the maxillary antrum occurred, and

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commonly in males than females, the proportion being as three to two. It

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approaches to the tenderness which is met with in peritonitis. (3) Vomit-

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been seen, too, in peritonitis, either chronic or acute, and in various other

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and just after sunset; experience has shown that exposure in malarious

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own experience. Subsequently the nitrogenous waste in the urine, as

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damage to the parathyroids is rarely permanent in these cases. The

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salt, and a trace of saccharin if desired. By practice a palatable artificial

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known strength, and the mixture used for skin tests on susceptible

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sign of scurvy rather than rickets, but as scurvy so frequently occurs in

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character. The lymphatic glands contain the bacillus, sometimes mixed

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be fure to fpoil the racer, and take away that pliancy

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their defe(fls, have been called broken, difunited, or

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paracentesis is performed, the presence of blood in the exudation favours

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Stag-evil, (the) in horfes defcribcd, 11 8- Vegetius's opinion

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microscope appears to be one of confusion, so that the task of reconstruc-

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Plasmodium once it has obtained a lodgment in the human body.

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interference. After operation it is generally readily determined whether a

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ver fuffered to feed abroad in winter, except in very

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stomach contents (gas and liquid) are retained in the upper part of the

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infection, when a caseous gland ruptures into the sac. In women, direct

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catarrhal affections of the respiratory organs. The principal waters of this

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potential pleural sac the lung subsides and the pleura fills with air.

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■peripiration is but little, the plants more watery, and

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down of the partitions, for the system of branching remains a closed

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and this is especially apt to occur in connection with the rheumatoid

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that the emphysematous patient may have only half his normal amount

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aspiration, with a view of confirming or possibly refuting it, should be had

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gative or an enema. In the case of an acute intussusception, an attempt