Genital Fixation Definition

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and throat. He had retention of urine. The paralysis of the extremities con-
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lamb was withdrawn from each of the other four lots, so that there
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This statement shows 3 outbreaks and a net loss of 785 head in
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the cows averaged 353 pounds of butter each, ranging from 244 to 512
genital fixation definition
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eggs (or one-half hundred) to compensate for any broken or bad eggs
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of the spleen was noticeably increased while it was outside the abdo-
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been found in the symptomatically normal vagina ; but these, unlike
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or young children convalescing from eruptive or continued fevers
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a rule, operative interference should be resorted to long before
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pay fixation rules on promotion for central government employees
turbid serum, but of a large quantity of dark fluid blood. After rap-
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shreds. The substance of the gland appears to be reduced to
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Censors: Thomas Wight, G. C. Smith, H. A. Gates, J. N. Wright.
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given results which compare so nearly with those of com under these conditions
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left after the extraction of a tooth — next most infectious were
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crown, or poll, with a tuft of hair upon it, is the only noticeable dis-
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of the hereditary transmission of the disease; and, further, that a
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in 1779 a law was made, which has since been rigidly enforced, pro-
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l^tvre^a tbit ealil^re of the arteries snpplyiiig the uterus, uid
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$1.25; soy bean meal, $1; bran, 55 cents; cottonseed meal, $1; cost per
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R. J. Wilding, Malone, Secretary. G. H. Oliver, Treasurer.
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Another theory supposes that the granules represent the toxic
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dy, as well as favorable reports from other quarters, led us to give it a
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outset, is the designation of that well known and infiunous
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As to Dr. Hutchinson's second objection : — ^that a person in perfect
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but despite of them. The reason for advocating douches, as men-
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stance, while the bloodvessels were found normal. This is the
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dominalis) forms a pouch for the cord and testis. This is called the
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ently no involvement of the bladder or anterior vaginal wall in the
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persons. The delusion of ** Millcrism,'' which caused so much insanity,
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bad in the extreme. In fact, with few exceptions, the dairies are
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Angesthesia. Loss of the sense of touch (a, priv., ataBricns, percep-