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and sickly condition of the children, more than a third of whom were

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adenoids pneumococci were found in 65 per cent., 2 per cent, being of

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cesses grow inwards, piercing the cortex. In many instances a process of

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urobilin by exposure to light and then extracted. The two extracts

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The critical review of Beclere traces the development of the X-ray

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preparations from 1208 thyroids, removed from patients whose

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pipe with hopes of success^ it is necessary that the disease be re-

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case a cholecystectomj^ was followed by obstruction. There was at first

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capsules in a sheath of wax are used and kept against the cervix with oiled

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sugar concentration. In the febrile animals the blood is diluted. They

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aural veins. When a large dose of bacilli is injected it disappears less

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hypothesis had been exposed by theworkof von Miillerand the intes-

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glandular tubules of a qualitatively altered secretion. The structural

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life (including his vocational tendencies) are determined, in great

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to the subject of subacute bacterial endocarditis, otherwise known as

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16. PofHonal communication from Dr. J. Mohler, Chief of Depart incnt of

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in bed, and was obliged to sit up during the attack. Is better

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examinations on carcinomatous cases in the University clinic for diseases of

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directions to satisfy him they were cured of the venereal com-

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more pain. Her pulse were scarcely perceptible, her breath-

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Up to last winter the child has apparently been getting worse insofar

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thalmic goitre began six months before with loss of weight, weak-

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and not noticeable when sitting or Ij'ing still. Up to June, 1912, took

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results. Almost all internists gave an unfavourable reply, many indeed did

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they have been passed through the body; and our experiments have shown

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invasion. Arch, latino-am. de pediat., 1920, 14, 519-25.

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have to the quantity of hemoglobin which is being broken down in

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a primary localization from which the apparently secondary dissemination

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admissions there were as many as 176 (10-4 per cent.) cases which proved,

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typhoid death-rate seemed to corroborate this inference, since the 1920 rate

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