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16. W. L. Allen. Journal American Medical Association, February 15, 1896, vol. xxvi.,

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debility, brought about by accumulated and prolonged bodily suffering,

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epiphyseal line. The bone should be rounded off like the original

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ever, and the influences by which it is modified, is one which cannot

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that have been kept fasting or fed only on meat, does not contain the

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misled by the name of this disease. DysmenorrhcBa, we all

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arrivals from Australian and New Zealand creameries ceased in April.

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stitutional stamps, known as temperaments : distinguished by

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three weeks, in a hirge proportion and perhaps in all, the primary

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place of election or at the place of necessiif/. The canula should

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affected. All the flesh came off the shoulder and left the shoulder blade exposed.

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istration of a general anaesthetic than these I have mentioned, and

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2 p.m., and Sunday at 10 a.m. 12 cc., temperature 56^. At 5.80 p.m. the cream

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The swine plague organism may be obtained with ease and with

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Bach fluid ounce of the solution used contained rather leas than eight grains of the sulphate of c

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eye was very much injected, especially around the lower half of the

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motile organism, the probability is that the culture is one of hog

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a can^det-aUon to lend its influence to the quack ; some even-

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mmilar success. The present season tnev are emploving the

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as much as possible, and at other times, through the courtesy of the

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and high-grade stock, and that the symptoms were: Head bent down to the

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eases have been reported against one other species only,- namely,